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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Toogrim, Sep 11, 12 4:07 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
Welcome to Our new website for all of us at Arise!! we liked this one it seemed to have more to do and easier to find and add our stuff. This isn't just Toogrim and my guild website it's all of ours.
have any suggestion, questions feel free to ask.
We have Arise Tavern chat on site. we will be able to take poles, add pic's, movies like on UTube for example.We will be able to add to it, link to it and add links to it.
Anyway check it out, sign up. Sense your here you might as well sign up :) When we come on line today we will get you added and please let us know what you think.
Thank You All
Toogrim & Donwyn
Arise Rule's    

Rules for "Arise Guild"


These are the rules that we all must live by in ROM in order to ensure a

peaceful, and successful gaming experience. I expect everyone to follow these

guidelines to get the most out of our guild. Failure to follow will result in

a probationary period, demotion, or even dismissal. Direct any concerns to

myself (Toogrim) or any other in the leadership positions in "Arise Guild".

1) All members must follow the rules set...

2) No use of hacking, cheats, bots, or exploits.

3) Have respect for those of higher rank than yourself.

4) Do not argue with the Guild Leader.

5) If you have a problem with another guild member take it up with them first,

then if nothing happens about it take it to a leader.

6) If you have the "Arise" tag under your name then you represent us.

Please respect other players as this will reflect back on us as a whole.

7) Do not ninja the loot that drops or kill steal.

8) Remain active. Any member absent without warning for more than 14 days will be

removed from the guild. When they become active again they may contact a

representative of the guild for an invite back.

9) We ask that all members register for our Vent server, even if you do not

have a microphone you can still hear what is going on and type to talk.

10) Help members out that are lower level than yourself. If we expect to grow

stronger then we all need to come together to keep everyone advancing.

11) Never impersonate an Admin or game operator.

12) Always follow the command of your party leader a lot of instances require

strategy even more so in the later levels of the game.

13) Do not beg for gear, or power leveling though we do set aside time every

now and again to power level alts.

14) Should any player require help please look within the guild first, then if

no one can help, resort to zone chats. And please do not get upset because

someone ten levels higher than yourself cannot help you. If they were to

help they would just be taking away from your experience and tp gain.

15) Contribute to the guild. We level up the guild level through

contributions...not of real cash but in the form of gold, resources, and
stones. Please do not sell your guild runes, we need them to level our castle

to build and upgrade Donate the min. amt. expected or more. (We will be adding more on this

 in very near future)

16) If in Siege follow the actions set in place. Do not go off to do your own thing.
17) Do not PK guildies unless you have permission to do so.

18) If you happen to break any rules each person will be treated separately and will be up to the

officers to figure what should be done.

19) Guild wars can happen but needs to be Ok’d by a director or guild leader only no one else

can start it. If started by anyone else they will probably be dismissed from the guild.

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